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About us

The Church of God is the global, growing body of Christ with members united by the covenant to walk in the light of God's word.

Our roots can be traced back to the 16th chapter of Matthew where Jesus established His church. After many years of rapid advancement and countless souls transformed by the grace of God, we experienced a dark period when God's truth was hidden under man's traditions, creeds, and opinions. This period of darkness came to a close in the early part of the 20th Century when God revealed His church to a group of believers in Cherokee County, North Carolina who were seeking the Bible Church of the New Testament.

Today, we continue as the Spirit-filled church in the book of Acts and are currently organized in over 50 countries. We exist to glorify God by making disciples who will spread the message of Christ and His church to every nation on earth to lay the foundation for future generations to do the same until the time of Christ's return.

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